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Frequently Asked

how much is the price for consultation, vaccination, etc?

Ask our front office, or just call us, we accept payment with credit card, debit, and cash.

Are you able to do house calls?

Yes. Scheduling is required in advance and there will be an additional travel charge depending on location.

Do you see exotics PET?

Yes. We see numerous exotic and pocket pets. Please call us to set up an appointment because their needs and stress levels are different than a dog or cat.

Do you take walk-ins?

Walk-in clients are welcome, however appointments are preferred. Emergency cases will always receive first priority followed by previously scheduled appointments. All appointments are allotted a minimum 30 minutes to ensure proper care and attention to your concerns and your pet’s health

Will you offer service after hours and on holidays?

Call the office and you will receive the number of the doctor on call. The doctor will offer advice and/or meet you at the clinic if needed. Be aware that some instances do require intensive emergency care or immediate surgery and may need to be referred to a 24 hour emergency clinic.

How often does my pet need a dental?

Dental disease is usually present by the age of 4 years. Some breeds of dogs and cats can be even sooner! We will assess the teeth on every wellness exam and offer tips to avoid dental issues or to bring up current issues. However, a good rule of thumb is to have a dental cleaning and oral health assessment yearly starting at 4 years old.

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